Wolverhampton Serviced Offices

Whether you are a newly developed business or a well known business, in needed or more flexibility, Etongate Business Centre is here to accommodate with fully furnished Serviced offices. located within  the city centre of Wolverhampton, Etongate provides move in ready serviced offices offering single offices or a whole floor tailored towards a clients requirements

Business Planning

Having a serviced office can provide a business with many benefits like being cost-effective,  requiring to pay for the space used, alongside with high-quality equipment like Etongate VOIP System. this allows a business to remain a cost affiant  to progress overall.

Executive Offices or Serviced Offices

Business centres, executive offices or serviced offices allow businesses to grow into new markets this is due to availability in several locations around the world, giving businesses a potential to establish themselves.

  • Low start-up cost – Fully fitted offices
  • Improved business image
  • Can gain valuable insights better website rankings.
  • Allows the business to move if expanding
  • Flexible, short term leases
  • Cost-effective with no downtime
  • Access to new markets
  • Access to all facilities needed to run a business
  • Improved business image

Find your perfect commercial property for businesses with the perfect flexible office space.

Ideal for international businesses looking to move into the UK market. Find the best office space locations outside London for your business.

If you work online or using a laptop most of the time, you might want to check out co-working opportunities in your area, where you can rent a desk for a few hours or full-time.

Ground Floor Offices

Ground Floor Office Size

002 142 sqft

003 197 sqft

004 118 sqft

First Floor Office Size

First Floor Office Size

101 366 sqft

102 170 sqft

103 113 sqft

104 101 sqft

105 144 sqft

106 122 sqft

Second Floor Office Size

201 366 sqft

202 170 sqft

203 113 sqft

204 85 sqft

205 153 sqft

206 115 sqft

Second Floor office